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Griplock® Systems has been a market leader in the Cable Suspension Industry since 1992. We are committed to providing high-quality, high-performance and budget-conscious products, backed by outstanding customer service and engineering expertise.

Our products are the safest, strongest, simplest and most versatile system of its kind on the market today, offering thousands of precision-made parts to fit almost every conceivable application.

The Griplock® System

This ground-breaking cable suspension system has become synonymous with form, function and style in the areas of Architectural Lighting, Art Hanging, Retail Display, Sign Hanging and Suspended Ceilings.

Our easy to use, compact failsafe design and low profile make Griplock a favorite and reliable tool for use in Trade Shows, Motion Pictures and Theatrical Rigging. New designs are currently evolving in the areas of HVAC, Cable Trays and a variety of other Rigging applications.

The key component, the Griplock® Gripper, is a unique, self-locking, completely adjustable device, designed to securely lock onto a large range of 7x7 stranded aircraft cables. It requires no tools to adjust; up or down, down or up - as often as you like. This truly is "The Art of Suspension".®

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